Worms has made a transition over to the PS Vita, and the fast-paced strategic gameplay is just as good as ever…

Worms Revolution Extreme is best described as a port from Worms Revolution. It also includes the 3 expansion packs as an added bonus.

So what is Worms? Well if you happen to be new to the series I’m going to fill you in. Worms at its core is a turn-based combat game. As the title implies, worms are the only infantry men that you need. Worms show no mercy on the battlefield. Any team of worms that stand in your way must be eliminated. A great selection of weapons along with a variety of unique maps make every round very different. You never quite know what will happen.

Customizing your troop of worms is one of the best parts. You can customize your worms appearance and even your gravestone when your worm bites the dust. More accessories and such will be unlocked as you progress. Giving your troops unique names is also quite fun. I named all my worms according to the military alphabet: Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc.

When it comes to customizing your worms, the addition of different worm classes is probably the most important. A team of worms consists of just 4 troops. You can choose between the basic soldier, scout, heavy, or scientist and they each have their own tactical advantage. The scout is best used for scouting (You don’t say?) because he is very nimble and doesn’t set off mines. The heavy worm is quite slow but deals a significantly higher amount of damage. The scientist is sort of like a medic. At the beginning of the scientists turn he heals all the worms on his team by 5 life points. Choosing a group of classes that work best with you is a big part of getting through each battle.

One of my favorite things about Worms Revolution was the transition from the 2D engine to 3D. With the 3D engine came the implementation of water. Water adds a huge strategic advantage if you can use it correctly.

Worms Revolution Extreme runs well on the PS Vita, but it could be better. Graphically everything seems to be watered down quite a bit. I just felt like it could be much more vibrant. Besides the graphics, I had few issues with the gameplay. The only time I would run into a slowdown would be while playing against the AI. When the computer is deciding their move it seems to slow down just a bit. This small slow down honestly didn’t bother me too much though. All other gameplay runs smoothly. Whether your blowing up a whole army of worms or dropping an air strike full of water balloons, you will be able to do so without any lag getting in your way.

The Narrator talking to you throughout the game is very humorous and it definitely fits. Just when you think he is congratulating you on your hard fought battle – you realize he wasn’t even talking about you. He does give you some hints before a match begins so it does help to listen to him sometimes.

Touch screen capabilities allow you to quickly aim your weapon, zoom in and out, or even simply navigate through menus. Touch response is very smooth and accurate which is great. This is great considering timing is everything when you only have 45 seconds to make a move.

Worms Revolution Extreme offers a huge variety of levels to play through. Whether you like playing through tactical puzzles or just simply destroying mass amounts of worms you will have plenty of content to enjoy. If you enjoy taking on other players online then you are going to love the online modes. Multiplayer offers several online modes to choose from and they are all very enjoyable. I can also say that online modes play very smoothly.

If you happen to own Worms Revolution on the PS3 then you may want to take advantage of the Cross-Save compatibility. As an incentive there is a mode known as Treasure mode. It offers you all sorts customization parts if you link up with a PS3 and complete in-game tasks. I felt like it is a great feature to promote both games.

I have always enjoyed the worms series. It is one of those games that I find sucking all my time away. Worms Revolution Extreme is no exception – it is a great addition to the series. Yes, graphically it could look much better. If they would have spent more time touching up the graphics and maybe tidying up on the response of the AI it would have been an almost perfect title. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and will continue to enjoy it. If you have played any game in the Worm series and enjoyed it to some extent, then I would highly suggest you pick up Worms Revolution Extreme. For the price tag of $14.99 it offers a great amount of content. Now get your butt on the battlefield soldier!

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