Real Boxing aims to provide a real boxing experience on the PS Vita. The solid gameplay is here, but it falls short in some areas…

Real Boxing is currently on several platforms. Many of you may recognize this from iOS or maybe even Android, but this version was completely rebuilt specifically for the Vita.

Upon starting up Real Boxing you get the opportunity to customize your very own boxer. Appearance variations are not of great abundance, but it is sufficient. After completing your character you are ready to begin the Real Boxing experience.

Whether you want to fight a quick match, start a career mode, train in the gym, or even play a little multiplayer, Real Boxing has you covered. Career mode allows you to play through ranked matches in the goal of being at the top. The fight to the top is not easy either. The competition gets tougher the further you go. In order to improve your fighter you can train in the gym. If you are able to perform a series of moves successfully your character receives small bonuses. These small bonuses are almost like perks that you can use with your player. A maximum of two perks can be used at one time.

The fighting mechanics work relatively well. Using the analog sticks you can control the angle that your punch comes from. Or if you prefer you can use the action buttons instead. Sometimes I felt like there was a slight delay between my input and the games output, but it was nothing game-breaking. This may or may not have something to do with my occasional button mashing.

After each match you receive a few skill points to add to your players attributes. You can earn an extra skill point by completing a challenge given to you at the beginning of the match. As well as skill points you can also earn cash from each match. This cash can be used to purchase more accessories for your player. I enjoyed being able to purchase goodies but I found myself running out of items to buy . You are offered several colors for each clothing item but not much more than that can be bought. Players like variety and sadly there was not much of that here.

While the mechanics seem to work well I had some issues visually. I felt like the bodies needed to be re-designed. Some muscle parts just didn’t look normal. I’m not one to complain visually but something about it seemed to bother me.

Lack of variety became a problem as I continued to play. All of the matches seem to be the same besides the fact that your fighting someone new. Fights continued to get more challenging but the atmosphere never seemed to change. After several matches I began to feel like I was playing in a cycle. The same ring girl came out in-between rounds and I continued to fight and get the same results. I almost began to feel like I could predict what was happening next.

Real Boxing is the first boxing title on the Vita and it has a solid base. It needs to be built up more though. Real Boxing does what it does well, but it doesn’t provide a full boxing experience. If you are looking for a game to just pick up and play a few rounds then this is definitely for you. On the other hand, players looking for a true boxing experience may be left feeling slightly disappointed. Real Boxing is missing core components it needs to be a real boxing experience, but it still provides a stable boxing game for players to pick up and play.

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