FIFA 14 Review

Let’s take a look at how well Fifa 14 has prepared for next-gen.

While some gamers may have been left disappointed with Fifa 14 before the next-gen releases, EA has saved the best for last. This next-gen gaming experience is welcomed with stunning visuals and improvements that make it worth the purchase. Gamers looking for a true soccer (or football) experience on the PS4 or Xbox One will be very pleased with this latest installment. The small detailed improvements really shine and have made a big impact.

Upon starting up the game the first most noticeable difference is how great the environment looks. Everything from the field to even the fans look stellar. All of this just adds to the experience that Fifa 14 originally brought. Gamers will also notice that some of the players look significantly more realistic. While this is true, some of the less popular players still could use some improvements. This small issue is nothing worth complaining about though.

To my surprise, I found that the AI has been slightly improved. This, in turn, has made the gameplay overall more challenging. I was not able to score as easily as I was in the PS3 version of Fifa 14. With that being said, I also strongly felt like my teammates made smarter decisions. The feeling that I was playing as a “one man team” was no longer an issue. I actually had confidence that I could trust on my team to help me out, well, at least for the majority of the time. I will be looking forward to more improvements when the next installment makes it’s debut, but I was very pleased with the fact that they have worked towards improving it. Players will also notice that EA has brought us a whole pocket full of brand new player animations. While this may be just another small improvement, it is still great to see this variety offered.

One thing that disappointed me was that fact that Tournament Mode was taken out of the PS4 version. Sadly there is no way to create a tournament with your friends in this next-gen version. Considering this is a next-gen title, having a feature missing kind of shocked me to be honest. This seemed to be the only feature that I noticed was missing.

Aside from some graphical and AI improvements, this title is nearly the same as the current gen versions. While this may be true, there is not much you can complain about when it comes to the gameplay that is offered. If you are looking to fill your soccer fix on your next-gen system then Fifa 14 will do the trick. I would also like to point out that gamers can transfer their progress from the PS3 version over to the PS4 version. So you do not have to worry about losing all of your hard work if you decide to upgrade to the PS4 version.

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