Die! Die! Die! may leave you wishing you were actually dead…

Die! Die! Die! provides you the opportunity to jump inside the human body and take down pesky germs. You must target the germs and viruses as they come at you in waves. This is the first medical defense game to make it’s appearance on the PS Vita, and it will probably be the last.

Your goal is to stop the viruses from getting past you. Using a syringe, you must shoot at the germs in order to stop them in their tracks.  If too many get past you then you essentially lose. You can also collect small power ups that will help you for a short period of time. Some enemies are faster than others which does seem to bring a small variety.

Die! Die! Die! offers very simple gameplay and the truth is that the gameplay is probably too simple. Sadly there is a lack of variety. There are over 70+ levels to play through but honestly they are all nearly the same. Within the first 15 minutes of gameplay you will experience nearly all of the gameplay worth playing.

One of the core issues could be the fact that the subject is just not interesting. Nobody wakes up saying that they want to buy a medical defense game. That in itself means that the gameplay needs to be extra solid in order to keep people interested. There needs to be so much more variety. Yes there are over 70+ levels, but quality always comes over quantity. I felt like they copied and pasted each of the levels and then slightly changed them.

Survival mode and multiplayer don’t really add much to the game. They offer little to none variety compared to the main game mode. Die! Die! Die! is just missing a factor that draws you in and keeps you in.

When I review a game I make sure that I have my headphones on and at some point I focus on the sounds and music. It didn’t take me very long to decide that the background music was beyond annoying. I am not very picky about the audio side of things, but this was by far the most disturbing sound I have ever heard come from a game. It was just way too annoying to be playing in the background. I had to mute the music within about 20 minutes.

I’m not here to bash the game because I would like to see the developers learn from this. My advice would be to move on to a different type of game. The art was very unique and could definitely be great if used with the right type of game.

As for buyers, I honestly can’t suggest this game unless you happen to have a fetish for germ games.

What do you think?


Written by gamertoad


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