Call of Duty: Strike Team Review

Die-hard fans of the Call of Duty franchise were astounded when Activision decided to release Call of Duty: Strike Team on the mobile platform. As one of the biggest names in the first-person shooter (FPS) universe, can Strike Team replicate the console gaming experience on an iPhone?


The title delivers a series of short game modes ranging from 5-15 minutes. The missions are divided into three mini-campaigns that are set in the Arctic Circle Base, Afghanistan, and Kowloon. Strike Team’s gameplay involves an overhead perspective and some of its key movements allow you to direct your squad to cover, toss grenades, or secure objectives. Without the need for sharp and precise aiming, these movements enhance the positioning tactics and map awareness of your team.

The artificial intelligence (AI), however, is an area where the gameplay falls short. For example, there are times when your units won’t follow commands unless you’re in first-person mode. There are also times when the game becomes unresponsive when you attack an enemy. Times like these are what make the game very annoying.


The visuals are extremely beautiful and it retains Call of Duty’s fast frame rates. Simply put, it is perhaps the most beautifully-rendered shooter for the iOS. It has very impressive structures, character detail, and weather effects. In fact, the graphics in this mobile game is at par with its console counterparts.
In-app Purchases (IAP)

If you browse through the game’s App Store page, in-app purchases come in the form of premium token currency. Tokens can allow you to unlock certain perks and weapons that would otherwise only be available to you in the latter parts of the game. The option to buy these essentials in advance is good especially if you’re finding it hard to progress in the game.


Veteran game makers were right in suggesting that mobile gaming has the potential to be “the next big thing.” Gaming Realms, a developer for the PC and parent company of, predicted that the mobile gaming market will be a $42 billion business by 2015. With games like Call of Duty: Strike Team, it isn’t impossible for the mobile market to even go beyond that target. Overall, the game gives players the same enjoyable experience when playing titles for the next-generation consoles. It is also a solid benchmark for upcoming FPS titles in the mobile market.

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